Certified for IoT devices

Certified for IoT devices have tested compatibility with the Azure IoT SDKs and are ready to be used in your IoT application. Specifically, we identify compatibility based on operating system platform and code language.

Devices list

Each device has been certified to work with our SDK in the OS and language chosen by the device manufacturer. For example, BeagleBone Black works on Debian using our C, Javascript and Java language. This means that developers can build applications in any of those languages and OS combinations on the specific devices.

Device Tested OS Language
Raspberry Pi 2 Raspbian C, Javascript, Java
Raspberry Pi 2 Windows 10 IoT Core C, Javascript, C#
BeagleBone Black Debian C, Javascript, Java
BeagleBone Green Debian C, Javascript, Java
TI CC3200 TI-RTOS 2.x C
Intel Edison Yocto C, Javascript
Minnowboard Max Windows 7,8, 10 C#
Arrow DragonBoard 410c Windows 10 IoT Core C#
Freescale FRDM K64 mbed 2.0 C


Ref: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/iot-hub-tested-configurations/