It has been well documented in the news group the Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) tool is pretty much broken in Windows Embedded Compact 7.  Many times it will show this message stating there are no updates needed when in fact there are newer updates available.



You can still relaunch the installer from the Windows Control Panel installed programs or use the WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe install launcher to kick off a re-install/update. This seems to work and initially it will find what level install you have existing and what is available as indicated with the slider at the top of the screen,


It will then ask you to accept some eula’s:




It will try to download the component and update packages from the internet. You also have the option to create an offline layout.

All fine and good so far but then comes the gotcha.

It will stall asking for a SharedSource component.



You can try clicking the “Allow downloading for all files.” but it will not work and it will just continue looping on this dialog.

There is no way out from here, you are stuck and forced to abort.

So even though you have a legal WEC7 license and have accepted the Shared Source EULA you will not be able to update your WEC7 installation.

Microsoft should fix this. I guess if you have access to an updated original install disk (a later release that includes the wave 2 Shared Source bits.) you could point it to your local install disk and that might work. MS may update the MSDN WEC7 install disk ISO available for MSDN subscribers or the disk image available on MyOEM but if you don’t have a subscription you are pretty much hosed. Even though you have a legally installed original program you are pretty much locked out of obtaining any updates.

If anyone has an answer or a workaround please let me know.