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Installing Windows Embedded 8.1 industry

In this post we'll see step-by-step how to install Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry.

Digital Blackboard @ embeddedSPARK 2011

Hi all, I really pleased to write the first post on embedded101! The Digital Blackboard is the solution for all housework problems: you have a common place in the family where you can write all notes and shopping list. Digital Blackboard is a system where Information can be edited from everywhere through: The embedded Digital Blackboard The web Digital Blackboard site The Windows Phone 7 application Digital Blackboard You won’t have any more problems with synchronization with your family, everyone will be updated on the progress of the shopping list and to do list. Digital Blackboard will also add useful and easy-to-use widgets for the whole family, also for your grandmother. THE HARDWARE The embedded Digital Blackboard wants to be a substitute for a traditional blackboard, so it’s composed only by a touch screen, like an All-In-One PC, as shown in the last picture. I have found a 17’’ touch screen monitor on eBay at a cheap price (around 100$): I think that this is not the definitive display because it ...

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