On the horizon there are some good news for the future of .Net Micro Framework !

It 's been a year (exactly December 4, 2012) since it was first released version 4.3 RTM and any updates since then .... until the last few days!

On the official forum of Netduino platform, Chris Walker (Secret Labs) responded on the lack of platform update with the following words:

I sat down with the program manager for NETMF in Seattle two weeks ago, to discuss progress on NETMF 4.3 QFE1.
QFE1 is getting closer; we're all pretty excited to move over the NETMF 4.3 core.
Speaking of 4.3...we have a few surprises in store, once NETMF 4.3 QFE1 ships. We've been busy this year, especially in the software department. Quite a few community members have been contributing behind the scenes too. We should have lots of love and kudos to share in the near future.

Chris obviously has participated at MVP Summit in November 2013, along with all other MVPs and with the development team on. Net Micro Framework. It seems that the official release of version 4.3 QFE1 is coming (by the end of the year?)  !!

I am waiting for it, because I consider the. NET Micro Framework a good product on which Microsoft would be better to aim for the world of the Internet of Things!