I follow constantly the post on the official .Net Micro Framework blog  to read the news about the release of version 4.3 QFE1 (currently on RTM).

A few days ago there was an update of Philip Lo (which is part of the team along with the author of the post ShiZhe Jiang), which speaks of a "legal team" that is blocking the release on CodePlex since December 2013 .... I wonder why !

Following what Philip Lo said ...

For the .NET MF 4.3 QFE 1 release, I'm wrestling with our legal team to get this update approved for publishing on Codeplex since early December. Seems legal is shuffling people around, and new faces with no history of past .NET MF releases is causing hiccups. Needless to say I'm trying other avenues to jog legal's memory of past releases to get this update approved.

Also this time we just have to wait, hoping that it won’t be a new update on the blog but the official release on CodePlex!

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