On Saturday 15th of February was staged the second edition of Microsoft Embedded Conference which was held at the Holiday Inn in Naples and organized by the DotNetCampania community (I am a member of it), TinyCLR.it and Embedded101, this community that is a reference on Windows Embedded of which, I’m a "board of directors" member since November 2013.

Also this year there was a good turnout of attendees even though it was Saturday, because the main topic was the Internet of Things and M2M Communication of which we hear persistently in the last period as the business of the future for the big network.

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At 8:00, the team was ready for the preparations and organization in order to accommodate very well the attendees and ensure that the event will start on time. As with all events, we started with the keynote of our president Michele Aponte, who presented the community and to whom I have given support to the description of the agenda of the day.

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The morning started with a session by Valter Minute , as always a great mix of knowledge and experience as well as hilarity. Valter has introduced the Internet of Things as inspiration a potential "flirting" between a washing machine and a water heater that in the near future will be able to communicate without any problem. Interesting his demo on the interconnection of a Toradex board to Cloud (in this case that of Amazon ) . Following this, the first part of the session I kept along with Lorenzo Maiorfi and Mirco Vanini; it was completely theoretical and focused on main protocols for the IoT , including highlights MQTT, and the great instrument for the realization of flows which is NodeRed. After the break and the mini session of our "prince" sponsor , Avnet Embedded, with Cesare De Siena , our session is resumed with all the practical part on the demo with lamps , fans, and buzzer that “was alive” thanks to the system put in feet for the occasion

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Soon after the lunch break, with the pizza between "friends", the afternoon session resumed with Beppe Platania and Gianni Rosa Gallina with Sense3 system for showroom and convention based on Kinect and created by the BEPS Engineering. The last "Italian" session had Marco Dal Pino as the protagonist , a very interesting introduction to the new POS APIs for Windows 8.1. I talked about last "Italian" session because the day was ended in the best possible way with a online session, directly from the USA, by Samuel Phung, a leading MVP on Windows Embedded. With Live Meeting we were able to shorten the distances that separate us and have "virtually" him with us.

Overall, the event has always had an excellent response in relation to the compliments received by the attendees at its end. A special thanks goes to Antonio Liccardi for logistics management, to Michael Aponte and Carmine Alfano for the Web site management and the rest of the community that has advertised the event. We are truly a great team!

Of course, thanks to all the speakers, which at no charge and with the spirit of "community" that distinguishes them brought with them their enormous wealth of knowledge and experience (do not forget that there were all Italians Windows Embedded MVP) . Finally, a thank you to the sponsors that allowed the organization of the event and guaranteed it !

Soon will be available the slides and demo of the sessions on the official website of the event, which spends waiting another year to organize the third edition!