Also this time an update arrives on time for my M2Mqtt library now reached to version !

The main updates concerning better management of QoS Level 2 , some client properties exposed to the outside but especially the fact that it assessed and added some requests that I received by users that obviously thank you !

Also, in some parts of the source code you will see a compilation directive that is conditional on the definition of the symbol BROKER ... why ? I standardized the library code of M2Mqtt with the code of a MQTT broker that I am developing and which will shortly be released in beta version. Its name is GnatMQ and the project is already published online on CodePlex and then open source. Please note that currently it is still a version in development and not completely stable but the release is imminent !

In addition to updating the project on CodePlex , I updated its package on Nuget ( which has now passed 1000 downloads ! ), the code in the Microsoft Gallery and the project M2Mqtt4CE to include the new component into our own Windows Embedded Compact 2013 images.

The latest concerns a library more social ! I created the official twitter account @M2Mqtt and Facebook page !

You have no excuse for not being able to follow its evolution !