Yesterday, my afternoon's work was interrupted by one of the most beautiful email that I could receive: I was nominated as a Microsoft MVP for Windows Embedded category !


This award is the result of my passion and desire to share my knowledge with other people that started in 2011, the year in which I began to follow events organized by my current regional community DotNetCampania, which are subsequently became a member. Kidnapped from the soul with which they were held events, I have decided to become an active part of it and my first thanks go to all those that are part of it, because it is thanks to them that I have received this award which of course is for all them !

Thanks to Cristina Gonzalez Herrero who is my MVP community lead starting from yesterday and who will follow me in this year to do better for the community.

Thanks to all the Italians Windows Embedded MVP who believed in me. In the time order I first met them, thanks to Valter Minute, the first guru and symbol of the Microsoft embedded in Italy that I followed and read only on the forums and that I knew personally in a course (held by him of course!) . The guru today has become a great friend !

Thanks to Lorenzo Maiorfi who had the insight to create community, asking me to be a part of it and involving many other people; we have the same "nerd" soul ! Thanks to him because I met the great Mirco Vanini who has always dispensed great advice, believing in what I do. I wish you all to know a person like him !

Thanks to Beppe Platania and Gianni Rosa Gallina who gladly accepted my invitation to the two editions of Microsoft Embedded Conference in Naples and organized by DotNetCampania, making the event even more special and full of high-level content. I hope I will be in a conference in Turin, at their home !

Thanks to Samuel Phung, legendary MVP for the past 10 years, who observed my articles on the blog of his Embedded101 community starting a relationship with me not only technical but above all friendship, making me even "board of directors" member of the community itself with David Jones, Thierry Joubert and Ron Kessler ... a great family of embedded gurus !

The last but certainly the most important thanks goes to my wife Sara and my little son Christian, who daily are deprived of my presence (physical or not ... I’m there with the body but my head is developing) to dedicate my time to community activities. They agreed and understood that this is the way I live my passion ! Either support me every day ! I love you !

This is for me a starting point to do better … as it said in a old film … “with great power comes great responsability”