Friday, June 6th IoT@Work event  was held in Rome at the Microsoft headquarters and it was organized by the DomusDotNet community and the online community (of which I am member).

Thanks to the hospitality of Massimo Bonanni and all the guys in the community, we spent an entire day dedicated to the Internet of Things.



In the morning, Mirco Vanini started showing us what Internet of Things is and what it is not with a series of real use cases and future projections of this new business. The next session saw myself as the lead in tackling a technical point of view of main protocols that are used in the IoT, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The morning sessions were completed by Lorenzo Maiorfi who spoke of "flow-programming", its application in the IoT and two main tools that can be used for this purpose: NodeRed and Orleans.

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After the lunch break, we resumed with an absolutely practical and a demo session (me, Mirco and Lorenzo together) that showed the fans, lights, switched power sockets, sensors and actuators controlled and coordinated by a broker on the NodeRed basis .... in short, a home/industrial automation system. Finally, Francesco Baldassari showed us what are the tools that Intel makes available to developers for the IoT (see the Galileo board) and what will be the new future !

As always, in such an event, it's always nice to have the feedback of the people, especially when you are contacted the next day to congratulate you and to have clarification on !

For the people who is interested in my session on IoT protocols, here the link to my slides deck !

So ... who did not come ... will never know what you missed !