After I wrote the article about the Node-RED installation with a Web Site in Microsoft Azure, I decided to start another "small" open source project closely related to the "flow-based programming" with Node-RED using the Microsoft Azure services.

Starting from Azure SDK for Node.js I am asked myself the following question: why not make available to the Node-RED users all the Microsoft Azure services in their "flows" ?

From there I had a new project idea : Azure Nodes !

This project, available on GitHub, adds a bunch of nodes ("azure" colored) to the Node-RED toolbox through which you can interact with the Microsoft Azure services. The current version is still in Beta and it supports only the Service Bus features (queue and topic / subscription) very useful in the Internet of Things, I love.


The documentation is available in the Wiki pages related to the project even if the use of the nodes is remarkably simple and intuitive.


There are still many (too much ?) debug messages displayed on the Node.js console but I want to see if the project can be considered valid and interesting for the users. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact me and give me your opinion and feedback !

Obviously, I have already created the related Twitter account : @azurenodes !