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It seems that I was on vacation (given the lack of posts on my blog) and it's the truth !

Despite the holiday, I continued the development of the M2Mqtt project and today I am pleased to release the new version with WinRT support !!

I made some changes on networking layer (from Socket to StreamSocket), thread (from Thread to Task) and security but finally the first MQTT client for all .Net platforms today also works on tablets with Windows 8.1 and on smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1.

The new project, added in a Visual Studio 2013 solution, is a "portable class library" that I used and tested in a Universal App.

The same for the "brother" GnatMQ, now in version (Beta), thanks to which we have an MQTT broker to run on tablet and smartphone with Windows 8.1 OS family.

Of course I updated the Nuget package by adding the assemblies for WinRT.

I hope I did something useful for many M2Mqtt users that in the past strongly requested this porting !