In December 2013, the Linux Foundation announced the AllSeen Alliance, a consortium dedicated to the development and innovation in the Internet of Things market in our homes and industrial environments.


Among the members who fund this consortium, there are world leaders in consumer electronics, home automation and silicon such as Qualcomm, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Haier, Sharp and many others. Microsoft joined the consortium in the last weeks.


In addition to the big companies above as "Premiem Member", there are a lot of "Community Member" like Cisco, D-Link, HTC and many more.


Each of them provides its own contribution to the development of the open source project whose name is AllJoyn that has the objective to provide a framework through which "intelligent" objects may expose some APIs to interact among them and with other devices such as tablets and smartphones. AllJoyn aims to define a communication standard in the Internet of Things.


From yesterday, I'm officially an "Individual Member" sponsored by Joe Speed ​​(one of the members of the "board of directors" of the consortium), thanks to my work on the MQTT related to Microsoft technologies.


I hope I can give my contribution in this additional community activitiy that sees me involved !