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Netduino Plus Weather Station !


I’m pleased to introduce you my new open source project on CodePlex…..Net Micro Framework Weather Station !

This project helps you to build a weather station based on .Net Micro Framework. The data come from some sensors (temperature, humidity, luminosity and wind speed) and you can read them, in real time, using a Web page on the integrated Web Server. Enabling data logging, you can save your data into a microSD.


The project is built for Netduino Plus board and based on .Net Micro Framework 4.2 but you can use a different board changing only the pin for the sensors connections.

It uses Metro UI CSS ( for Metro style Web page.


Netduino Plus 2: more and more powerful!

This morning was officially released on Netduino Plus 2, a board that replaces the Netduino Plus, but above all adds much more power from all points of view. In my previous article (on Italian blog) I had already talked about the Netduino Plus and at this point it is time to understand the differences with the new version .... that I am not a few! Microprocessor and memory The microprocessor is completely different from that of its predecessor, in fact it is a STM32F4 (from STMicroelectronics) based on architecture Cortex-M4 to 168Mhz in place of an Atmel ARM7 to 48 Mhz. The jump of memory is amazing! The micro has at its disposal no less than 1 MB of flash memory (double the all'Atmel!) And 192 KB of RAM. Obviously, not all at our disposal but the quantity for user applications is significant: 384 KB of flash (compared to 64 KB) to 100 KB of RAM (compared to 28 KB). Input and Output The board is compatible with the rev. C of Arduino, which provides for 22 GPIO pins (against the previous 20) of which a ...

AnalogInput : Netduino .Net MF 4.1 vs .Net MF 4.2

One of the main new features of version 4.2 of the. NET Micro Framework is the support for the analog inputs with the introduction of class AnalogInput (namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware). Until this version, each producer board that carried out the porting of the framework on it, introduced in its SDK a custom class for the management of these inputs. In particular, also the SecretLabs, producer of Netduino, provides the class AnalogInput (in the namespace SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware) with version 4.1 and that presents some difference than is currently introduced into the new version. Thanks to this innovation, the developer can work with the same class of more different board without having to adapt from time to time to the specific implementation by the manufacturer thereof.

Internet Of Things and μPLibrary : client for ThingSpeak platform

A Internet of Things client for ThingSpeak platform implemented for .Net Micro Framework inside my library uPLIbrary on CodePlex.


Netduino : firmware 4.2.0 released

Following the official release of the .Net Micro Framework 4.2, theSecret Labs released firmware 4.2.0 for Netduino based on this new version of.Net Micro Framework.

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