As I was searching for Compact 7 related information resources, I notice the Compact 7 documentation on MSDN has been updated with lots of new contents that were not there during my last visit (couple of months back).

If you are new to Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows CE), or planning to port an older version to Compact 7, the “What’s New” section can help answer many of your questions.

If you are ready to evaluate and take Compact 7 for a test drive, take a look at the “Getting Started” section.  And, check out the “Compact 7 Getting Started” series, which I put together a while back.

The “Developer Guides” section talks about tools, BSP development, device driver development, OS development, application development, debugging and middleware.

The “Code Samples” section provides brief information about the sample codes that are shipped with the Compact 7 development tool.

The “Reference” section includes tons of useful materials that cover different aspect of development subjects.