For Windows Embedded Compact 2013, the SQL Compact database component is deprecated leaving Compact 2013 without a viable local database resource.

Thanks to David Jones, a dedicated Windows Embedded Compact expert and co-author for the “Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7” book and “Introducing Windows Embedded Compact 2013” (a work-in-progress book project which will release as free Ebook), we now have CESQLite2013, “SQLite for Windows Embedded Compact 2013", released as a community resource on the following Codeplex project:

The CESQLite2013 DLL is compiled to support Compact 2013 using the codes from, an open-source project.  The initial release is in binary form packaged as a Compact 2013 catalog component for x86 device.

Since our tests indicate the recompiled SQLite DLL is able to support Compact 2013 device built with x86 processor, the codes can be compiled to target and support ARM device.

Stay tune, we will continue the effort to release updated version of SQLite for Compact 2013…