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Core Connectivity (CoreCon) for Compact 7 Application Development

Core Connectivity is a communication framework to support developers working with Platform Builder for Compact 7 and Visual Studio development platform.  The application note talks about using CoreCon to support Compact 7 application development.

Generate SDK from a Compact 7 OS Design

An SDK, generated from the same OS design that produced the Compact 7 OS runtime image for the target device, is needed to support application development for the device.

Compact 7 Getting Started Part-3: Develop an OS Design

In Part-3 of this getting started series, we will work through the steps to develop an OS design and build a Compact 7 OS runtime image.

Loopback Adapter with Virtual PC as Target Device

The loopback adapter provides connectivity needed to support Virtual PC as the target device for Compact 7 development in a standalone environment with static IP address.

Connectivity to Download Compact 7 OS Runtime Image to Target Device

Connectivity between the development PC and target device is needed to download OS runtime image to a target device.

Using Static IP Addresses for Windows Embedded Compact

For standalone development environment without DHCP service, it’s necessary to configure the development PC and target device to use static IP addresses.

Compact 7 Getting Started Part-2: Development Environment & Tools

In Part-2 of this getting started series, we will talk about the development environment and tools.

Configure Flash Storage to Launch Compact 7 using DiskPrep

DiskPrep is a utility to configure different type of flash storage with BIOSLoader to launch Compact 7 OS runtime image.

Compact 7 Getting Started Part-1: Introduction

This is a series of 9 posts covering different aspect of Windows Embedded Compact 7 development, including OS design, application development, Silverlight for Embedded, Debug-Remote tools and deploying OS runtime image to target device for distribution.

Is Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) Still Alive ?

During the recent community events I attended, there were developers asked me whether Windows CE is still alive . . .

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