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Ardjson-Part 10: Reducing RAM Usage – Permanent Storage

In the quest to reduce RAM usage with a RAM challenged Arduino device, this blog covers using permanent storage (Flash and EEPROM).

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Compact 2013 Development Environment & Tools

In part-1 of this Compact 2013 getting started series, let's go over the development environment, required software and connectivity between the development workstation and the target device.

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Ardjson-Part9b: Azure Mobile Services Scripts

In Part 9 of this series, it was shown how to create a Version 1 table such that the id field is an auto-incremented integer which saves storage space on a small device. Version 1 tables don't automatically save a creation and modification date. This blog covers how to do it with a Script.

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Ardjson-Part 9: Azure Mobile Services Table id options

The default id field for a Azure Mobile Services Table, that the table is indexed on, is a string. By default the string that is auto-generated is a 36 character GUID string. This can be 3 or more times rest of the data sent as a HTTP Response to a default HTTP GET for each record from the Telemetry table . This blog discusses this issue and canvasses some options to resolve this overkill.

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Ardjson-Part 8: Version 1.4 of the Telemetry Code

This blog covers the major revision of the Telemetry to remove old, now unnecessary code, fix some bugs, further improve error responses, and a stored data structure that makes the parsed JSon data available after the HTTP Response processing is complete.

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Low power operation on the community IoT Beaglebone BSP (Part 1)

One of the areas left incomplete in the Texas Instruments AM335x BSP when they ended Windows Embedded support was the whole power management and low power operation. TI turned over support to a third party, which will remain nameless, and from what I can gather not much work has been done since. This is a shame as the AM335x processor, as used on the Beaglebone, has some fantastic low power features. In general, ARM processors have always had superior low power characteristics over the x86 family. This is do, in part, to the fine granularity ARM gives you over clock and power domain control as distributed within the chip itself. You have the ability to shut down different sections of the chip, or even run them at a reduced voltage. You also have the ability to slow down or cut off clocks to different internal peripherals within the part. All these can have a cumulative effect on lowering the current draw and thus the power consumed by the chip. These things become very important if you are doing a battery op ...

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Ardjson-Part 3c: The Azure Mobile Services API and further cURL HTTP GET Examples

Following on from Part 3b in this series, a few query options are exemplified.

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Ardjson-Part 7b: Programming Details of the JSon Stream Parser

This blog covers the Stream Parser - State Machine code in detail...

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Ardjson-Part 7: Arduino JSon Stream Parser

This blog presents a more complete JSon parser in the Arduino context  that extracts the data entities from each record. in the JSon string. It is implemented as a Stream Parser - State Machine.

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Ardjson-Part 6: Arduino Telemetry Sensor Sketches

The three TelemetrySensor Arduino apps that mimic the desktop/phone Universal app UI functions are created by copying and appropriately editing the ToDoItem Arduino apps.

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Windows Embedded Compact 7

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Compact 7) getting started series is created to provide simple and easy to follow information to help academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to learn and engage in Compact 7 development.

This is a series of 9 articles, with additional supplements, that cover the following subjects:

  • Development environment
  • OS design
  • Managed code application
  • Native code application
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded application
  • SQL Compact database application
  • Debug and remote tools
  • More..

Embedded101 Articles & Application Notes

Apr10CEDriverWiz Version 2.00: Using the Wizard
Created by David Jones on 4/10/2013 8:56:42 AM

  Book Links: ...
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Apr10CEDriverWiz Version 2.00: An Example
Created by David Jones on 4/10/2013 7:28:32 AM

Book Links: ...
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Apr09Installing CEDriverWiz for Visual Studio
Created by David Jones on 4/9/2013 8:41:27 AM

Install Visual Studio 2012/2008/2005 (depending upon your version of CE/Compact) and all of t...
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Apr01CEDriverWiz V2.00: About this release
Created by David Jones on 4/1/2013 7:33:39 AM

This brings the wizard in line with our Wrox book: "Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7" . ...
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Apr01CEDriverWiz Version 2.00 User Manual
Created by David Jones on 4/1/2013 6:40:34 AM

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May15Configure Flash Storage to Launch Compact 7 OS Runtime with DiskPrep
Created by Samuel Phung on 5/15/2012 8:41:50 PM

The DiskPrep powertoy is a useful utility to configure different type of flash storage to launch Wi...
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