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Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP

Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP is now available for download on MS connect. I am nearly done downloading and once I have some idea about it I’ll post my impression of it.

Kinect motor device driver for WEC 7

At last I had the time to continue with my work on creating device drivers for the various parts of Kinect, the motor driver is up and running. I got a hell of a lot of info from the Open Kinect Wiki site and hopefully the camera and audio drivers will be operating soon. After that I plan on creating an NUI API equivalent for WEC7. One thing this project has helped me is cleaning up the act of the device driver wizard portion of creating USB device drivers.

At last

After some setbacks the book is here

Real time applications in Windows CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7

I have just completed creating a new lab for the Windows Embedded Compact 7 on developing real time applications. I do plan to post an article on this subject by the end of next week.

Kinect device driver for WEC 7

I am now developing a WEC 7 device driver for Kinect. If any of you guys have any inside info on the data streams for the motor, camera and audio devices, I’d love to hear about it. It will be a great help.

Asynchronous I/O request support in WEC 7 device drivers

Just posted an article about implementing asynchronous I/O request support in Windows Embedded Compact 7 device drivers. I guess it will take a couple of days to approve it so be patient Smile.

Windows Embedded Handheld

I won’t go into all the complicated maneuvers going on within Microsoft, but what is of interest to us is the fact that what used to be Windows Mobile 6.5 is now Windows Embedded Handheld. With Windows Phone 7 now being the smart phone platform WM has been shifted to the embedded group and is now available for mere mortals like embedded developers to create handheld devices providing a full array of connectivity capabilities. The main benefactors of this development are makers of mobile enterprise devices for presale/van sale personnel, field technicians, warehouse personnel, you got the idea. However what makes them suitable is the fact that WEH devices can be managed by the enterprise IT staff using tools like System Center Configuration Manager, Exchange Active Synch, or third party solutions, with security enforced through password enforcement, remote wipe and data encryption technologies.

Embedded101 Blogs

Embedded101 Blogs

What is new?

Embedded101 Blogs

I now have a rough time line for the book. It should be available around the end of June at the latest beginning of July. The device driver wizard that I mentioned in my article about the new filter drivers model that Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports will accompany the book. This will be a freeware version, while I plan to market the full blown version shortly after that.

Who would have believed it

I have completed writing the book on developing device driver for Windows CE AKA Windows Embedded Compact. If everything goes right April the book is out.

Three new features I like most about WEC 7

The first feature that I like most is not really a feature of the system but rather of Platform Builder, the BSP templates. This really is a neat feature enabling BSP developers to jumpstart a new BSP. The second feature that I like is the ability of an OEM of either an ARM or x86 architecture based devices to support 3 GB of RAM and the kernel detects it “automatically”. At last you can support multicore based devices, even though I’d still prefer to have this support available to the developer to control, but that will not happen.

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