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Experimenting with WES8 and Kinect

For a demo project involving Kinect, my colleague Dorangela Daniele and I started to play around with the recently released Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP. I already tested both Kinect SDK 1.0 Beta 2 and Kinect SDK 1.0 RTM in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, so we were confident that it would have worked fine in WES8, too. Using IBW, Dora installed WES8 on two embedded devices: an Asus Eee Top 1602 and an Advantech AIMB-212. At the moment, in the CTP version, there are no “Application Compatibility” or “Kinect for Windows Embedded” templates to start with. Also, there is no automatic dependency resolver. This way, she had to build the image from scratch: to be sure that all the required components were included during the setup process, she added almost every module, including the Kinect SDK requirements (.NET Framework 4.0, DirectX runtime), Internet Explorer and Metro UI. After the setup completed successfully and all device drivers had been installed manually (drivers for Windows 8 don’t exist yet, so we use ...

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embeddedSPARK 2011 Finalist – KitchenPal project

A technical description of KitchenPal, 2nd prize winner in the Microsoft hobbyist competition embeddedSPARK 2011

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  1. Re: Experimenting with WES8 and Kinect

    any chance you could save the configuration and share it? I see the pics but would like to make a bare...

    -- dada

  2. Re: embeddedSPARK 2011 Finalist – KitchenPal project

    @flo: Source code for the Fleux Library has been released. It is available on my other blog (http://embeddedlounge...

    -- gianni

  3. Re: embeddedSPARK 2011 Finalist – KitchenPal project

    Are you going to release any of the source code? or specifically the changes you made to the Fleux codebase...

    -- Flo

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