On February 7th, 2011, Dave Heil and I gave a presentation on Windows Phone 7 Application Development to the members of the Windows Networking Solutions User Group (WiNSUG) in Carlsbad, California. 

We had a great time meeting the members of the user group, as we tried to answer their probing and insightful questions. 

The slide deck from the presentation and the source code for the example Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure Platform application, is included at the following links:

WP7/Azure Platform Sample Application Sample Code:
This application builds on the Thumbnails Azure Platform application and the Camera WP7 sample application provided by Microsoft.  The image captured by the WP7 Camera application is sent to a Storage Role on the Azure Platform, and displayed by the Web Role.

Windows Phone 7 Application Development Slide Deck:
Dave Heil presented the basics of WP7 application development and I followed up with a demonstration of the WP7/Azure Platform Sample (above) in operation with an actual HTC HD7 WP7 device.

Let us know you find this material useful.