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using a webcam on wince7

         In this blog we are going to see how to make a webcam work on Wince7, I chose this topic to be my first blog because when I was trying to do that I didn’t find anything helpful on the internet and I realized that many others were facing the same problem, it took me some time to come to the wright solution and I would like to share it with you in some simple steps: what you will need? 1-eBox3310A_MSJK getting started pdf (containing the steps of creating OS image) (here) 2-the camera driver(webcam driver) (here) 3-Logitech pro 5000 webcam (as the driver is written for it) ok now we are ready, let’s get started: 1-extract the cam driver in this directory (C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog),here I am supposing that your wince7 directory is c:\wince700 2-open the webcam.bib in (C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog\Webcam) and modify the lines in it to .   MODULES   ;  Name            ...

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