In this blog we are going to see how to make a webcam work on Wince7, I chose this topic to be my first blog because when I was trying to do that I didn’t find anything helpful on the internet and I realized that many others were facing the same problem, it took me some time to come to the wright solution and I would like to share it with you in some simple steps:

  • what you will need?

1-eBox3310A_MSJK getting started pdf (containing the steps of creating OS image) (here)

2-the camera driver(webcam driver) (here)

3-Logitech pro 5000 webcam (as the driver is written for it)

  • ok now we are ready, let’s get started:

1-extract the cam driver in this directory (C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog),here I am supposing that your wince7 directory is c:\wince700

2-open the webcam.bib in (C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog\Webcam) and modify the lines in it to .

   ;  Name            Path                                            Memory Type
   ;  --------------  ---------------------------------------------   ----------
   webcam.dll       C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog\Webcam\target\x86\retail\WebCam.dll        NK  SHK

   ;  Name            Path                                            Memory Type
   ;  --------------  ---------------------------------------------   -----------
   CamTest2.exe      C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog\Webcam\target\x86\retail\CamTest2.exe            NK


(make sure that the webcam.dll and camtest2.exe are in that directory )

3- open WebCamc.PbcXml ( the WinCE Catalog File) found in the directory (C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog\Webcam) using visual studio and modify the line




where (C:\WINCE700\public\ThirdParty\Catalog) is the directory of the camera driver ,then save the file and close it

4-open eBox-3310A-MSJ getting started pdf starting from page 26 to page 31 to create the OS image step by step.

5- open the third party folder in the catalog items view you will find webcam checkbox check it then continue with the pdf to page 38. (Note:you don’t have to add any additional direct show components as the driver doesn’t work on direct show)

6-build the image as shown in the pdf

7-deploy the image

8-check that camtest2.exe is in the My Device -–> windows directory (on Wince7)

9-plug in the camera and run the program.