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Windows CE 6.0 Installation

Hello everyone, Last week I talked about what I have planned for the coming weeks, so here it is. Before we start working with Windows CE let us have a look at what is required for the development. Two categories that we we need to see here are; 1: Hardware:- For this there is really nothing much to discuss since it’s a choice that you will make when you start working with your projects, but for our discussion I will be using ICOP eBox 2300/4300. 2: Software:- Here we will need two tools: Visual Studio 2005 and the Platform builder for CE 6.0 plugin. So, where do we get these from? You can either buy the CD’s from Microsoft or download the tools from their website. I got the CD’s when I took part in SPARK challenge. Visual Stusio 2005:- Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services in both native code and man ...

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About Me

This is my first post here. Just a little about myself and what I will write about in the coming weeks.

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    My concern is how I connect RDP from Win-XP/7(Client) to WIN EC7(HOST), also i can able to connect R...

    -- Dbhukta

  2. Re: Windows CE 6.0 Installation

    2nd step and 4th step are different software?? or same software? if it's different software then where...

    -- aingtea

  3. Re: Windows CE 6.0 Installation

    Hello, I am new to Windows CE and I would like to get started from scratch. I have a brand new hard...

    -- Walter

  4. Re: About Me

    thank u for posting this usefull contents.... as i m fresher to installation task ,so can u provide detailed...

    -- chandu

  5. Re: Windows CE 6.0 Webcam Interface

    Hi! thanks a lot for this information. And in general for your post about WinCE, they have been very...

    -- Charly

  6. Re: Windows CE 6.0 Webcam Interface

    Hi, In step 23 you add a subproject of the webcam project of codeplex, can you explain how to create...

    -- APT

  7. Re: Windows CE 6.0 Installation Also its not Visual Stusio 2005 - But Visual Studio 2005 Very...

    -- Redion

  8. Re: Windows CE 6.0 Installation

    -- Redion

  9. Re: Windows CE 6.0 OS design wizard

    Could you elaborate on the issue a little more in detail, as a first guess I would say you probably have...

    -- Satyajit

  10. Re: Windows CE 6.0 OS design wizard

    HI Satyajit I had small issue with platform builder ,when I am trying to open new project I am getting...

    -- siva

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