At THEORIS our server room temperature is controlled by an A/C unit, but we are facing two issues:
1- In summer the room temperature may go above 30°C, requiring extra cooling capacity
2- In case of a power cut the A/C does not restart automatically, a user action is required

We solved these two issues with a connected IoT solution based on an ICOP Educake and Azure Mobile Service for tracking.

At the center of the solution is a secondary A/C unit which is connected and monitored throught the Educake and Azure service. On power cut the Educake will restart as soon as power comes back and it automatically starts the secondary A/C unit using infrared controller and current sensor. The current sensor was required as infrared order is the same for ON and OFF, it is also used to track the A/C unit status on Azure.

    Installation of the monitored A/C unit

The room temperature and A/C power are monitored every 5 minutes in order to send a daily Min/Max report to a "Roomtemp" table of the Azure Mobile service.

  A year of temperature monitoring on Azure         

The temperature monitoring is also used to start the secondary A/C unit in case of overheating. All actions are reported to a dedicated "Climstatus" table of the Azure Mobile service..

The software used for this solution includes an Arduino program on the Educake and Windows application on PC, both using the Azure REST API - GET - POST - DELETE.