WiFi modules have become way more accessible since a few years, and prices are going down fast.
Starting from the work done on a student's project, I used the tiny RedBear Duo to build an Azure connected weighs.

Well... from the top it is an "off the shelf" weighs, the interesting part comes when you turn it upside down:

The main job was to connect the existing four sensors to a dedicated HX711 amplifier circuit  (bottom left, small PCB).
Then an LCD display was added to interact with the user (bottom left, large PCB)
The weighs has four capacitive buttons which were also connected (botton left, blue wires)
The original power supply was replaced with a stronger 5V with a switch. (top left and center)

The ReaBear board is the brain of the weigths, it has all I/O interfaces plus WiFi connection to report to Azure.

In addition to indicating weight, the system provides a clock from the Azure connection. Measures are pushed to a dedicated Azure table, and provides a good following for individuals:

Such a table is a good motivation...