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Avago buys Broadcom for $37 billion

Broadcom is best known for its wireless and connectivity chips used by the likes of Apple and Samsung in their smart phones.

It also makes the ARM processor used in the highly popular Raspberry Pi platforms. As I mentioned in a previous blog posting, Microsoft is targeting this platform as one of the Windows 10 IoT core platforms. It will be interesting to see how things shakeout.

Windows 10 Iot of Raspberry Pi 2 First look

Windows 10 IoT version is the latest lightweight flavor directed at small embedded devices. Previewed at Build 2015 and prereleased as “Windows Core Insider Preview”. it will be interesting to see just how this product will be received. This initial released is directed at the “Maker” community which is quite a change for Microsoft as this segment is not perceived as a large profit center unlike its traditional targets. While the Raspberry Pi is a very popular platform in the Maker community it is still mostly used for small “one of” type projects. It is popular in academic circles and used by many institutions as an introduction platform for beginner programmers. Unfortunately the hardware is very “closed source”, there are no schematics or PCB layout information available and virtually no information on the SoC chip used. True it is a powerful quad core 900Mhz ARM Cortex-A7 processor from Broadcom but if you look on their web site you won’t find any mention of the part nor any information on the part what ...

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    Hi David, Interest in the fully version of the image. Please let me know the commercials. I need clarification...

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    Hi David, How can I get a full version (without reboot) of your image available for demonstration?

    -- Marco Aurélio Braun

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    Hello , dvescovi . Because of Job , I use your Beaglebone black BSP which is helpful for me . I want...

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    Hi David, Would you please contact me regarding the wince7 BSP for the BBB? I have a few LCD Capes...

    -- trialsrideraz

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    Seems MS may have posed a new updated ISO on MSDN. For those without a subscription, you are still out...

    -- dvescovi

  7. Re: Power management on the Beaglebone part 2–Battery

    Hi David, First of all thanks for this, blog it's been very useful. Before I go ahead and solder anything...

    -- Juanes1220

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    Thank you for the fixes. The latest version builds under WEC7! Yay! Next .. have to try deploying it...

    -- OzFlipper

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    Of course, I meant the WEC2013 SDK ... see what happens when you work with too many bits at the same...

    -- OzFlipper

  10. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Hi David. First, thank you for what must have been a huge amount of work. I have been trying to install...

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