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Beaglebone Community BSP gets LCD support

The Beaglebone platform is a great platform for learning Windows Embedded Compact. The platform is based on the Texas Instruments AM335X A8 ARM processor and has fantastic expansion capabilities. In addition to the standard I2C, SPI and serial ports it also has the ability to host “cape’s” expansion boards. Capes are custom peripheral boards that “piggy back” on the Beaglebone or Beaglebone Black base board. Capes come in all sorts’ flavors containing peripherals such as cell modems, LCD displays, accelerometers, FPGA’s, WIFI, RF ID readers and cameras. Here is a listing of more capes. The latest release of the community BSP now contains support for the LCD4 480x272 LCD display. This cape also has a resistive touch screen and 5 UI control buttons also supported in the BSP. One unique feature of a properly designed cape is that it must contain a “personality” EEPROM. This EEPROM is programmed at the factory and contains information such as, a serial number, a model number, how many and what GPIO expan ...

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BeagleBone BSP code clean up

Many of the Board Support Packages (BSPs) for Windows Embedded that I have seen over the years tend to have several drawbacks. Some lack the full complement of drivers, others only come with binary code. Some show little, if any signs, of ever being tested. I can understand the underlying reason for some of these issues but one that is rather irritating is the lack of a consistent coding style. You would think that at least within an individual BSP a single, consistent coding style could be followed. Most times this is not the case. Over the years different developers work on different pieces, each imposing their own coding style (instead of taking the time and effort to learn the existing style and following the existing norm). Also, as more platforms based on the same SOC come on line, we tend to just “add on” adding deeper levels of abstraction, adding more compile time and macro directives. While it can be argued this is what makes modern day programming so powerful, it also adds “code bloat”, slows down ...

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BeagleBone Board Support Package now a community project

The BeagleBone platform now has a community supported board support package (BSP) on Codeplex.

The BSP currently supports Windows Embedded Compact 7 with a Windows Embedded Compact2013 version in the works.

I2C, SPI, Serial and many other drivers supported. Source code available for download so you can build and customize your own image.


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  1. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Please contact me regarding a full installation of this BSP for WINCE2013, and what is necessary for...

    -- Aaron Peterson

  2. Re: BeagleBone BSP code clean up

    Hi David, Interest in the fully version of the image. Please let me know the commercials. I need clarification...

    -- CB

  3. Re: BeagleBone BSP gets several improvements

    Hi David, How can I get a full version (without reboot) of your image available for demonstration?

    -- Marco Aurélio Braun

  4. Re: Low power operation on the community IoT Beaglebone BSP (Part 1)

    Hello , dvescovi . Because of Job , I use your Beaglebone black BSP which is helpful for me . I want...

    -- KevinHsu

  5. Re: Yet Another Gotcha: Compact 7 Update

    Hi David, Would you please contact me regarding the wince7 BSP for the BBB? I have a few LCD Capes...

    -- trialsrideraz

  6. Re: Yet Another Gotcha: Compact 7 Update

    Seems MS may have posed a new updated ISO on MSDN. For those without a subscription, you are still out...

    -- dvescovi

  7. Re: Power management on the Beaglebone part 2–Battery

    Hi David, First of all thanks for this, blog it's been very useful. Before I go ahead and solder anything...

    -- Juanes1220

  8. Re: More improvements for Beaglebone BSP

    Thank you for the fixes. The latest version builds under WEC7! Yay! Next .. have to try deploying it...

    -- OzFlipper

  9. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Of course, I meant the WEC2013 SDK ... see what happens when you work with too many bits at the same...

    -- OzFlipper

  10. Re: Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on Beaglebone gets IoT sample

    Hi David. First, thank you for what must have been a huge amount of work. I have been trying to install...

    -- OzFlipper

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