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The Next Windows Embedded Compact Presentation

Title:" It’s September! Time for “back to school” with Doug Boling"

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M2Mqtt library is now available on Nuget !


Today I published my M2Mqtt library on Nuget, besides being already available for some time on CodePlex.

I've included the compiled assemblies for the. Net Framework 4.0 and 4.5 and for the. NET Micro Framework 4.2 and 4.3.

I hope I have done something pleasing for those who until now have used it by downloading the source files directly from CodePlex.

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M2Mqtt client running on Ubuntu ? Yes, you can with Mono !

Despite my M2Mqtt  is written in C #, so it is guaranteed to work on .Net Framework versions in a Microsoft Windows environment, it is absolutely possible to use it on Linux through the Mono Project. First, I prepared the environment with a Linux distribution using the most famous and widely used in desktop environment: Ubuntu (12.04 LTS). The operating system does not provide native support for Mono, which you need to download and install through the Synaptic package manager or through the terminal using the following command: sudo apt-get install mono-complete The package mono-complete installs pretty much everything, both the runtime libraries for developing applications based on that framework. Next, I chose the MonoDevelop IDE to compile the M2Mqtt library with the Mono compiler and to be able to create a simple console application to test. Even in this case, we can make use of Synaptic or the command: sudo apt-get install monodevelop Taking advantage of this IDE, I created a new solution an ...

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M2Mqtt client : a "small" but useful update

I have made a "small" update on my MQTT client (now at version, adding an additional constructor on MqttClient class which has the host name of the broker as parameter (adding to the constructor that provides only the address IP). Such a constructor may be useful in all those cases in which you use a MQTT public broker , such as the Mosquitto test server that is at

   1: public static void Main()
   2: {
   3:     MqttClient client = new MqttClient("");
   4:     ...
   5:     ...
   6: }

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Compact 2013 development Saga continue: Tips & Tricks on Recompiling Old Projects

Déjà vu! Make your old projects new again: Tips and Tricks on Recompiling for Compact 2013

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uCloudy : access to the cloud. NET Micro Framework is served!

This is the time of a project completely dedicated to Cloud but always with the goal of providing additional functionality and capabilities to an embedded system. uCloudy is a library that aims to provide a variety of clients for. NET Micro Framework to connect to the main cloud services. The first and for now only service supported in this first release is Windows Azure Mobile Services. As we all know, Microsoft provides a set of SDK to take advantage of this service in Windows applications store, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and the Web I have tried to bring this functionality in embedded systems with. NET Micro Framework. All this has been made ​​possible thanks to the RESTful interface that the mobile services provide for interfacing to them. Thanks to the HTTP client that I recently integrated into uPLibrary,  I made a series of classes through which you can perform the four basic operations on the tables of mobile services: insert, update, delete, and query. The client is implemented through th ...

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A micro HTTP client inside uPLibrary !

I never stop and even now that I'm on vacation I still .... develop! This time it's up to my uPLibrary I upgraded to version 2.0 (of course also on Nuget with support for three versions of the. NET Micro Framework 4.1 from 4.1 to the current 4.3) with a new component: an HTTP client. All you're probably asking questions about why the need to rewrite an HTTP client whereas there are already thoroughly tested the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse directly included. Net Micro Framework. The reason is that in some boards with low memory (see Netduino), the assemblies for these two classes are too large and working with streams they are under-performing. For this reason, I decided to create a simple client (any advice for its improvement is welcome) that uses directly the socket without any intermediate layer of abstraction (a concept that many times in embedded systems must be limited to improve performance). The programming model is quite simple, as it involves the use of the HttpClient class that provides t ...

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