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Channel9: the experimental SDKs for .NET Micro Framework, Netduino and AGENT smartwatch for Visual Studio 2013


Again, one of my posts on .NET Micro Framework is leading to Coding4Fun on Channel9 in the periodic Friday post on the projects based on the hardware.

This time it refers to experimental SDKs released by Secret Labs for support .Net Micro Framework, the Netduino board and the AGENT smartwatch in Visual Studio 2013.

As always it makes me happy!

A bocca aperta

Netduino boards and AGENT smartwatch : experimental SDKs for Visual Studio 2013 from Secret Labs

The Secret Labs, makers of the famous series of Netduino boards and AGENT smartwatch based on .Net Micro Framework, could not wait for an official release by Microsoft and has decided to make available an experimental SDK for Visual Studio 2013 ! Chris Walker has disclosed the news on the official forum and explained that he had used the open source code of .NET Micro Framework to generate this SDK that will no longer be supported by the Secret Labs when Microsoft will release the official one. Obviously, I have not been able to wait and after installing Visual Studio 2013 I downloaded the SDK to be able to try a simple application on my Netduino Plus board. In addition to the .NET Micro Framework SDK, it is also needed to download and install the Secret Labs SDK, also experimental for Visual Studio 2013. SDK .Net Micro Framework 4.3 (RTM) and SDK Netduino boards The SDK installer is related to the .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (RTM) version and it is perfectly identical to the official as well as throughout t ...

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.Net Micro Framework on your wrist ? AGENT smart watch !

From the Secret Labs (makers of the family of Netduino board), a very interesting project funded through Kickstarter: AGENT smart watch, a watch "intelligent" completely based on. NET Micro Framework! The initial goal of $ 100,000 has been largely superseded even share reaching $ 1 million! Ten times higher than the target set! But what this product promises, whose distribution will begin at the end of 2013 for all those who have participated in the financing (the "backers")? Managed Runtime As anticipated, the AGENT is completely based on. NET Micro Framework (version 4.3) with all those who are the advantages for developers in managed code (eg C #), but mainly related to the development environment that is obviously Visual Studio 2012 ! Hardware : double processor, LCD and sensors Since applications developed for the smart watch may require more power, the AGENT has a Cortex-M4 to 120 Mhz to which, however, was accompanied by a second processor (an AVR, much reduced) in such a way that the primar ...

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