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M2Mqtt Case Study : MQTT and Azure Device Gateway

  A new case study for M2Mqtt project and this time with a demo at one of the most important event in the United States, Visual Studio Live ! Rick G. Garibay, Microsoft Azure MVP, was speaker at the Visual Studio Live event  in Chicago with two interesting sessions including one dedicated to IoT with Microsoft Azure and entitled “From the Internet of Things to Intelligent Systems – A developer’s primer”. Rick has made ​​a very interesting demo with Azure Device Gateway (also known as Reykjavik project) of which we have already heard at Build 2014; thanks to it we can connect multiple devices, through different protocols, in the Azure IoT world. Regarding the devices, the demo had an Arduino board and a Netduino Plus 2 board, connected to a RabbitMQ broker via the MQTT protocol. Obviously, the part relating to the .NET Micro Framework used the M2Mqtt library ! You can find all the materials related to this session on the official blog of Rick at the following link, the ...

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M2Mqtt Case Study : MQTT with .Net Gadgeteer platform


Blake McNeill, Microsoft Developer Security MVP, has made ​​a very interesting demo using the MQTT protocol with the .NET Gadgeteer platform !

Blake is one of my main fan that uses very often all the open source libraries that I made on CodePlex. This time, talking about MQTT protocol, he has used the M2Mqtt project !

On the official web site, I have just created a page dedicated to case studies for those who wish to share their experience, hobbistic or professional, with client and GnatMQ broker usage. Just contact me and I'll be happy to set up a page dedicated to your project !

The tutorial is well done and describes all the main features and potential of the protocol as well as highlight the simplicity with which it is possible to integrate and use my MQTT client.

You can’t miss it !


M2Mqtt and GnatMQ : the MQTT project for all .Net platforms has its official website !



Finally, the M2Mqtt project, which includes the client library and the GnatMQ broker, has its official website !

In addition to a dedicated blog, there is a documentation section that currently contains the architecture description of the client library, the main advantages in using it and a simple application example. As for the broker, are the main features implemented and future.

In addition, the download section lists all the link to download the project (CodePlex, Nuget and Microsoft Code Gallery).

My objective is also to add a "case study" section with application examples, hobbistic or professional, and/or demos of those who are using the library and/or the broker. Obviously, anyone who wants to participate can contact through the contact section !

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