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Microsoft on .NET Micro Framework for 2014: comforting news from partners who work long with it

Having already written something similar on the official forum of the Netduino, Chris Walker (Secret Labs) has written a comment to a post on the official blog of the .Net Micro Framework  team after meet them at MVP Summit of thi year.

He emphasizes that Microsoft seems to be getting more interested in pursuing .NET Micro Framework development (it is now part of the Windows Embedded team), whereas the processors for embedded systems are becoming increasingly powerful and less expensive (eg, the Cortex -Mx) and the C # and VB.Net with Microsoft development tools can start to make difference, especially by leveraging all the developers who have knowledge of. Net Framework.

In short, it seems that 2014 will be a fantastic year for the framework and for the community !

μPLibrary : driver managed for a dual motor driver

Before the end of this year, I wanted to enrich my uPLibrary a new managed driver for the dual motor driver TB6612FNG that I used earlier this year in a demo at the Microsoft Embedded Conference 2013 on a robot equipped with a Netduino Plus and piloted through the Kinect (thanks to Clement Giorio). The dual motor driver This Toshiba motor driver allows to drive two DC motors (Direct Current) with a maximum power of 15 V and with four operating modes: CW (ClockWise), CCW (CounterClockWise), short brake and stop. Also, the speed of each motor can be varied through a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) by changing the duty cycle. On the Sparkfun website a useful breakout board that mounts the motor control and makes it easily accessible pins is available. The managed driver The managed driver that allows the use of dual motor driver is represented by the TB6612FNG class that provides two contructors through which you can decide whether to use just one or both engines. For each engine is called a channel (A and B ...

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Netduino boards and AGENT smartwatch : experimental SDKs for Visual Studio 2013 from Secret Labs

The Secret Labs, makers of the famous series of Netduino boards and AGENT smartwatch based on .Net Micro Framework, could not wait for an official release by Microsoft and has decided to make available an experimental SDK for Visual Studio 2013 ! Chris Walker has disclosed the news on the official forum and explained that he had used the open source code of .NET Micro Framework to generate this SDK that will no longer be supported by the Secret Labs when Microsoft will release the official one. Obviously, I have not been able to wait and after installing Visual Studio 2013 I downloaded the SDK to be able to try a simple application on my Netduino Plus board. In addition to the .NET Micro Framework SDK, it is also needed to download and install the Secret Labs SDK, also experimental for Visual Studio 2013. SDK .Net Micro Framework 4.3 (RTM) and SDK Netduino boards The SDK installer is related to the .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (RTM) version and it is perfectly identical to the official as well as throughout t ...

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SQLite : .Net Compact Framework 3.9 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 support

It’s well known that Microsoft made a very clear choice regarding the use of a DBMS within embedded products, from smartphones (Windows Phone) to tablets (Surface WinRT) via the devices based on Windows Embedded Compact 2013; this choice has a precise name and it is SQLite ! From WEC7 to WEC2013 : SQL Server Compact removed ! As far as Windows Embedded Compact, the change was made from version 7 to 2013, even removing the "SQL Server Compact" feature within Platform Builder Catalog Items (in the "Core" features related to the SYSGEN_SQLCOMPACT variable) through which it was easy to add support for this DBMS into the operating system image. Also, in the official MSDN documentation of .Net Compact Framework 3.9 it is described the removal of SQL Server Compact support within the framework itself and the use of SQLite is reported as a possible "workaround". At this point, we just have to accept the choice made ​​by Microsoft and explore how you can use SQLite in our embedded systems. SQLite : nati ...

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Deploy error on the Windows Phone 8 emulator with code 0x80131500 but it is the fault of Hyper-V !

I recently bought a new laptop with the aim of being able to move from developing for Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 , taking into account all the required characteristics from hardware virtualization to Hyper-V. I install all needed, from Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 to Windows Phone SDK 8 and active Hyper-V but at the time of deployment of a trivial "empty" app to the emulator just to be sure everything works, that's ... nothing works ! The error occurs in deployment time and without any kind of description but with the code 0x80131500 ! Start my wanderings on the net and it seems that the error is related to Windows 8.1 Preview but I have a fabulous Windows 8.1 Professional ! Talking about the problem with Clement Giorio, another DotNetCampania member, I realize that the WP8 emulator does not start and then we plan to create a virtual machine to see if Hyper-V isn’t doing its duty. The upshot is that I can not even create a simple virtual machine in Hyper -V ! Continuing to investigate the ...

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M2Mqtt: MQTT client goes to version

New release for my M2Mqtt library, MQTT client available for any platform based on .Net Framework (from the desktop to the micro via the compact), now at version and as always is available on CodePlex and Nuget. Bug Fix : message identifier no longer cross-broker This time the update contains, among other things, an important bug fixes on the message identifier generation for PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE messages provided by the MQTT protocol. In previous versions, the generation of this identifier was encapsulated in the base class of the hierarchy of messages, the MqttMsgBase, highlighting the anomaly of a message identifier increasing cross-broker, which was used the same variable (static) for the generation also if the client was instantiated multiple times in our application to connect to multiple different brokers. Obviously, the protocol provides that the identifier is bound to the client-broker pair, namely that it is unique for each connection to the broker. .Net Compact Framework 3 ...

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M2Mqtt : my MQTT client on Channel9 with the latest news !


This time again with great pleasure, my M2Mqtt library (MQTT client for all versions of the. Net Framework) is mentioned in the "fardware friday post" on the blog Coding4Fun on Channel9 at the following link !

The post highlights the main latest features, support for security through SSL / TLS protocol and event management asynchronously. It is also highlighted my demo on the use of the MQTT client with 2lemetry platform.

The satisfaction is double in knowing that my work is attracting a lot of interest and that the library is increasingly being used. Obviously, this leads me to improve it and in fact approaching many surprises and improvements!


.Net Micro Framework 4.3 QFE1 release is coming !!

On the horizon there are some good news for the future of .Net Micro Framework ! It 's been a year (exactly December 4, 2012) since it was first released version 4.3 RTM and any updates since then .... until the last few days! On the official forum of Netduino platform, Chris Walker (Secret Labs) responded on the lack of platform update with the following words: I sat down with the program manager for NETMF in Seattle two weeks ago, to discuss progress on NETMF 4.3 QFE1. QFE1 is getting closer; we're all pretty excited to move over the NETMF 4.3 core. Speaking of 4.3...we have a few surprises in store, once NETMF 4.3 QFE1 ships. We've been busy this year, especially in the software department. Quite a few community members have been contributing behind the scenes too. We should have lots of love and kudos to share in the near future. Chris obviously has participated at MVP Summit in November 2013, along with all other MVPs and with the development team on. Net Micro Framework. It se ...

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