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Internet of Things : MQTT with 2lemetry platform

Now you can find numerous online platforms that offer the service of "device to the cloud," in order to acquire data from remote devices, save and expose them to other devices: one of these is 2lemetry. It provides a RESTful interface over HTTP and an MQTT interface that we are going to use with the M2Mqtt client library. First you need to register online : At the end of the registration, you can log in to your account page and view some information, including the most important one is the "domain", which will be the root of all topics on which we are going to publish or receive messages via MQTT. At this point we can move immediately to develop a simple application by choosing between all platforms supported by the M2Mqtt library (.NET Framework, .Net Compact Framework or. Net Micro Framework). In a real case, we use the Netduino Plus board with a temperature sensor (usually the TMP102 already widely used in previous posts and where the driver can be found in uPLibrary) to send the data collected onlin ...

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Platform Builder: parallel build of Windows Embedded Compact image on more "core" of the CPU

The Platform Builder build system is quite complicated but at the same time extremely powerful. In order to save valuable time during the compilation of our operating system image, it is necessary to know it in details so that we can avoid unnecessary operations. In addition, there are a number of "tricks" that allow us to make it much faster. Among these, there is the possibility to leverage the compilation on more "core" of our CPU, whereas all modern PCs have now from 2 "core" up. The key of this possibility is the environment variable BUILD_MULTIPROCESSOR, whose meaning can be interpreted in the wrong way if you do not carefully read the documentation. Mistakenly, you might think that setting it to 0, the compilation on more "core" is disabled and vice versa activated by setting it to 1. It is not so! Referring to the documentation on MSDN,, if you set the value to 0 you will let the system to automatically detect the number of "core" of the CPU and use all for the compilation by creating an appropriate ...

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M2Mqtt MQTT Client : 2.3 released with asynchronous events !

The development of this project began in April of this year with the objective of filling the absence of a good MQTT client for all .Net platforms. After 6 months I did not expect an interest so strong against him, probably due to the wave of the Internet of Things that is coming (or is already among us ? ) . Many people are using the library for projects of varying complexity , they send me mails ( with reports but also with compliments ) and open the "issue" on the CodePlex site , which I promptly resolve . This can push me to get better and better the quality of the project , now arrived at version 2.3.0 with some bug fixes but also with an interesting new feature : all the events raised by the MqttClient  class ( published message , the received message , ...) are executed in a separate thread , so the user no longer has to worry about launch "long" processing  in his event handler through a new thread. With this update, I hope to have made further improvements of great interest for those who ...

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