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Deploy error on the Windows Phone 8 emulator with code 0x80131500 but it is the fault of Hyper-V !

I recently bought a new laptop with the aim of being able to move from developing for Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 , taking into account all the required characteristics from hardware virtualization to Hyper-V. I install all needed, from Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 to Windows Phone SDK 8 and active Hyper-V but at the time of deployment of a trivial "empty" app to the emulator just to be sure everything works, that's ... nothing works ! The error occurs in deployment time and without any kind of description but with the code 0x80131500 ! Start my wanderings on the net and it seems that the error is related to Windows 8.1 Preview but I have a fabulous Windows 8.1 Professional ! Talking about the problem with Clement Giorio, another DotNetCampania member, I realize that the WP8 emulator does not start and then we plan to create a virtual machine to see if Hyper-V isn’t doing its duty. The upshot is that I can not even create a simple virtual machine in Hyper -V ! Continuing to investigate the ...

Snoozy on Windows Phone Marketplace !

You no longer fear losing your bus stop or train in the course ofyour daily trips because of sleep. You are welcome to take a nap and the appwill alert you with an alarm when the destination is near.

Uefa Ranking on Windows Phone Marketplace !

This application displays the UEFA ranking of club teams and associations for the selected year up to five years earlier. On the UEFA club ranking, you can apply a filter by club name and association membership.

BabyOnBoard on Windows Phone Marketplace !

This application allows you to calculate the main information relating to a pregnancy...

App Hub retired … welcome to the Dev Center

As already announced in recent days and as a result of temporary blockage of systems yesterday, Microsoft has put out to the App Hub replacing it with the Windows Phone Dev Center.

MessageBox from ViewModel without violating the pattern MVVM

When we decide to develop an application, such as for WP7, using the MVVM pattern but without adopting an available framework (see MVVMLight, Caliburn Micro, ...) we can expect to have to solve some problems for guarantee decoupling between the UI and presentation and business logic. One of these problems can be for example the need to display a MessageBox, a component of the IU, starting from a method of ViewModel corresponding to the page in which we stand. This problem can be solved by implementing a service that will be "injected" into the ViewModel and that task will be to display the MessageBox on request. Because we must ensure that there isn’t strict dependence between the ViewModel and the implementation of the service, we must think in terms of interfaces. We can define an interface for that service in order to give the possibility to implement it from time to time in a different way, in our case we realize that the implementation will make use of the MessageBox from which we take a starting p ...

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