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embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Tour de France!

embedded Spark 2010 Summer ChallengeHW Correction (The board)

embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Building the Kit

  View Full Album     The case is made of Perspex sides.   The parts interlock together.  I put it together in a temporary mode by slotting it together and then applying tape across the edges.  I’ll glue it together later. Note that the back is a thinner side and so the slots are smaller on that side. Board assembly I assembled it as follows: (As in the Image Album above). Peel off protective cover for inside sides.  I left the outside protected for now. Attach the top to the 3 sides other than the back Insert the long nylon screws through the base and place spaces inside on the screws. Place the board on the screws and position on top of the spaces.  Screw on and moderately tighten the nuts. Attach/insert any board additions, or hard drives/CF. You might like to test the board now Attach the bottom to box. The space on the rear side for the lugs around the DB25 and VGA connecto ...

embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: The Kit

The Kit as supplied to Round 2 participants in the embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Build a media device using Windows Embedded Standard 2007   View Full Album   The Advantech AIMB-212 Kit View the album in full as above or click on item below. Glossary Image No:  The Kit in container box The kit opened The kit opened.. again The board from front The board from left side The board from the back The board from above and back The board from right side The board from below From Below again (better picture) The board from above The cables Cables again The box to be assembled A nice simple Perspex assembly The power pack and cables Note Car lighter adapter at top Main power lead at bottom The power adapter in middle and Regulated 12v cable (goes to board) Alternative connectors The power pack from front ...

Winner of the embedded Spark 2010 Challenge

Congratulations to the winner of the embedded Spark 2010 Challenge: Marco Bodoira.  Well done Marco

The Grand Prize Winner of the embeddedSPARK 2010 Challenge is:
The Guitar Foot Switch Effect by Marco Bodoira A.K.A. marco.bodoira



The judges all agreed that the remaining 2 projects;
Uber Tag by Wally Nehls A.K.A. Waldozer
Bowman's Assistant by George Mallard A.K.A. DuckPaddle
were equally great, and so they decided that these both be Second Prize Winners

embedded Spark “Summer” Challenge 2010 .. Windows Embedded 7

The cat is out of the bag… The Northern Summer (it will be Winter Downunder) embedded Spark Challenge has been announced: The theme is “Media Explosion” and the context in Windows Embedded Standard 7, the embedded version of Windows 7. Thos who progress to round two get a suitable hardware supplied. WES 7 has gone RTM but not yet available on MSDN (Subscribers). Key Dates April 27 embeddedSPARK 2010 SUMMER Challenge Opens June 8 R1 Closes June 15 R1 Winners Announced August 31 R2 Closes September 7 Winners/Finalists Announced September 21 Three Finalists Compete LIVE on Stage at ESC in Boston It seems that one of the focuses of WES 7 with OEM is for media devices with the Windows 7 “engine”.  The question is how much can entries appear to just use the inbuilt WES 7 devices/macros yet offer something that is different. So ...

Spark Kit LCD Display: Setting up the Display

As previous, I purchased an 8.4” LVDS display from ICOP, the kit manufacturer.  In this article I cover getting the display working working.  There were some issues for which I am got great support from ICOP in resolving. Display: LCD-AU084-U-SET with touch /  LCD-AU084-SET without touch Target System:  Vortex86DX- Spark Kit .. in enclosure.  This has VDX-6326-256 single board computer The display was mounted on the top of the box using some plastic mounts. This required routing of the LVDS and the backlight signals through the lid. The backlight circuitry was mounted internally on the lid. The LVDS cable is provided with the kit.  The connects to the top left of the display and to J31 on the board. The short backlight power cable is fixed to the bottom left of the board.  This connects to the supplied backlight power supply. The backlight part number is QF38V6.4 The backlight requires a 12V supply that is not avail ...

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