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Win 10-IoT: Universal app - Porting a VS 2015 RC Universal CS app project file to RTM

The following is the comparison of the project files contents (.csproj) for a RC version of a Universal App with the RTM version of the project

Win 10 IoT- Universal App – SQLite Database: Part 4 “Using the Visual State Manager”

The Visual State Manager can be configured to change the properties of UI controls when aspects of the UI are triggered. This blog completes the SQLite UA app by resizing the command buttons when the app runs on a small screen such as a Windows 10 phone.

Win 10 IoT: Universal App – SQLite Database: Part 3 “UA Functional Code”

The previous blog created the UA project, inserted the required SQLite bits and set up the XAML user interface. This part covers the functional code.

Win 10 IoT: Universal App – SQLite Database: Part 2 “A Universal App”

A truly Universal App will run on all Windows 10 targets, with only a targeted CPU change and rebuild required. This second part of this blog series sets up a UAP/UWP project to make use of the file base SQLite database engine.  This part creates the project, gathers the required bits and sets up the user interface. Parts three covers the functional code.

Win 10 IoT: Universal App – SQLite Database: Part 1 “About SQLite”

With no version of SQL Server and SQL Compact available for Windows 10 IoT and Windows 10 Phone, the suggested alternative is SQLite. Whilst early evaluations indicate it isn’t available for Win10 IoT Background and Console apps, it’s not too hard to use SQLite with a Windows 10 UWP (Universal) app. The app can be rebuilt without modification and using the exact same project content for the desktop, phone and IoT Windows 10 targets.

Windows 10 IoT: Windows Remote Arduino and Universal Windows Platform Apps: PWM Added

The project has been updated to include a LED dimmer as a PWM example.

The project source on Codeplex has been updated for this.


The additional tutorial PWM material is now included here:

Windows 8.1 IoT: Windows Remote Arduino and Universal apps

A Windows 8.1 Universal app can be built upon the Remote-Wiring library such that the app can interact with an Arduino device running Firmata. An app similar to the Windows Remote Arduino “Blinky” example, but with feature additions, is developed. It performs GPIO (output AND input) as well as some analog IO. The app runs on a Win 8.1 desktop, phone and RT Surface. The UI has some extra XAML “bells and whistles”.

Windows 10 IoT: GPIO Sample Apps

This blog is a Tutorial on how to implement Win 10 IoT Universal Apps that make use of Raspberry PI 2 (RPI2) General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins. This covers:

  • A simple interactive app
  • A simulated press button and LED
  • Outputting to a LED
  • Polling an input from a push button
  • Responding to a push button event

The interrupt (event driven) version addresses the InvokeRequired pattern in the XAML context. (Controls can't be updated directly from another thread).

The complete solutions are available (in source) on Codeplex at:
"Windows 10 IoT Samples":

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