After waiting for months to watch this post on the blog of .Net Micro Framework team …. finally 4.3 QFE1 version is officially released !

It's been over a year since the last release of the 4.3 RTM version, but I hope that with the advent of the Internet of Things, Microsoft will support better this product that has huge growth potential.

Compared to RTM, these are the bug fixes:

  • Work Item: 1874 - Interop compilation fail for project name with dot ('.')
  • Work Item: 509 - Add BitConverter
  • Work Item: 1951 - StringBuilder.Replace Exception
  • Work Item: 2012 - StringBuilder.Replace previous bug resurfaced again
  • Work Item: 1784 - Array.BinarySearch() not accepting null comparer
  • Work Item: 1855 - SDK Installer for 4.3 shows incorrect error message
  • Work Item: 1400 - URI parsing fails when :XX sequence appears and no explicit port is used
  • Work Item: 1738 - var uri = new Uri(value) throws exception if value contains a whitespace at the beginning
  • Work Item: 1904 - System.Uri does not work with "ws" scheme

This is an official and final release and the SDK is available on CodePlex !