This time another new and exciting experience as speaker … at Community Days 2014 in Rome with all Microsoft italian communitis !

For the first time, I had the honour to have a
session with me “big” friend Valter Minute, from which you never stop learning something new. Of course, the topic was the Internet of Things and this time with a washing machine as protagonist !


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I was very pleased to see the room filled and people standing who followed with interest the session, exhilarating and technical at the same time.


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Thanks to this event I was able to meet up with my friends as Mirco Vanini and Marco Dal Pino with which there is a continuous contact on the social network but not physical. I also had the honor to meet Roberto Andreoli, Technical Evangelist Manager at Microsoft, with which to speak about IoT with Microsoft in Italy; I hope to see him again next week at Maker Faire in Rome.


A special thanks goes to Daniele Bochicchio and his team who organized this great event !