One of the biggest initiatives of 2014 was definitely the birth of DotNetPodcast, podcast completely in Italian and dedicated to Microsoft technologies. Guests are always of the highest level and earlier this year, I had the honor of being able to record an episode, completely dedicated to the Internet of Things and the development of IoT solutions using the .Net Micro Framework. Thanks to Roberto Albano, Antonio Giglio and Massimo Bonanni for the trust !!

During the podcast, I tried to describe simply what is an embedded system and as we are used to living with objects of this type every day. From the "things" you get to the “Internet of things” and to its integration with the services in the cloud. In order to allow all .Net developers  a "friendly" approach in this world, Microsoft offers the .Net Micro Framework for which we have numerous boards: Netduino (Secret Labs) and the board of the family FEZ (GHI Electronics ). During the episode, I analyzed the architecture with its advantages and disadvantages of this framework and how you can start developing (for free in less hardware purchase) your "things" to be connected to the network.

Curious? If you can understand italian, you just have to listen to me ! (if you like)