IoYT - Campaign_500

It was and it will be a very busy time for me ... and if you want to hear me talk about the Internet of Things around Italy (and the "world"), you just need to read the agenda of upcoming events !


Tomorrow, on Saturday April 18th, there will be the third edition of the Microsoft Embedded Conference in Naples that has become the Internet of Things Conference organized as always by the DotNetCampania community thanks to the sponsorship of Microsoft Italy.


On April 28th, I was invited as a speaker at the most important Italian conference on M2M: the M2M Forum. In Milan, I will have a session on "Azure IoT Suite" with Roberto Andreoli and Erica Baron from Microsoft Italy.


On Saturday April 25th, my friend Samuel Phung has kindly invited me to have a remote session for the Global Azure Bootcamp to be held in California. It will be for me another experience of a presentation in English after the one in Seattle with Toradex.


Finally, I will close on May 8th in Venice with the IoT Day organized by the XeDotNet community with Mirco Vanini (thanks for the invitation).

All sessions will have a common topic focused on Azure and Event Hubs and in Venice the session will also be an "under the hood" entering the dark rooms of the AMQP protocol.

Well ... this is my full agenda ... and you ... do you want to hear something on the IoT ?