The first "visible" step of the new .Net Micro Framework has been accomplished ... finally the official repository for the future versions is GitHub; viceversa all previous versions of the framework will remain on CodePlex as the forum. Each bug/issue reported on CodePlex will be evaluated and included as "work item" on GitHub.


Due to the "interpreter" nature of the runtime, the project was named ".Net Micro Framework Interpreter" but contains the interpreter, the BCL (Base Class Library) and the native code for porting.


Regarding the new features, the main changes in version 4.4 (Beta) are:


  • improved network stack with greater stability in the connections;
  • improvements in deployment and debugging (no more “eternity” between one step and the other);


For those who want to try, the SDK isn’t available to download but you must recompile the source code. Moreover, it is not even the most necessary Porting Kit (separately) as in previous versions.


What lies ahead for the future ?

Support for Visual Studio 2015, introduction of the WinRT API and .. more interesting ... support for AllJoyn !!