Finally the new M2Mqtt 4.1 version is out !


In the last months, my library was under pressure thanks to my friends Olivier Vigliengo (from Adeneo) and Nicolas Besson (Microsoft MVP on Windows Embedded, from Adeneo). They used the MQTT client for their hobbistic projects and stressed it a lot !

After exchanging a lot of emails with log traces, I fixed some bugs and added some improvements to the library :


  • Exposed IsPublished flag in the published event to know if message is published or not due to timeout;
  • Internal changes for event management;
  • Fixed bug on negative timeout;
  • Improved stability on not reliable network;
  • Fixed bug on session management;
  • Added trace on queueing operations;


Of course, all changes had a great impact on the GnatMQ broker project related to M2Mqtt. The MQTT broker is still in Beta but I’d like to release it as Stable : I hope that people using it give me a feedback. It seems that XSocket team is using it to support MQTT in their platform. Smile


As always you can find M2Mqtt under Eclipse Paho project, CodePlex and Nuget. GnatMQ is available only on CodePlex. Finally, I updated the M2Mqtt4CE (for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 OS) on CodePlex as well.